On the marketing side of things Karolina has joined the team as our copywriter.

Very productive month this month. Lucca has developed an interesting tool that generates logical queries automatically. We use them for testing query containment in TML. He also embarked on a small project comparing three theorem provers (Namely, Z3, Vampire and CVC4) finding out that Z3 outclassed all of them but also compares favourably with TML. We continue to work on the performance improvements for TML but it’s currently more comparable with other logical solvers out there. Murisi has worked more on documenting the safe…


Murisi has been working on his optimisations for TML. One of them is called BBD caching. He’s been experimenting with cache hit ratio. So far the results are not as good as we hoped, there are things to learn there and you don’t always get what you want from optimisations but we are working on it and hopefully the BDD algorithm will one day become a core part of our technology. We have confidence it will be a very good optimisation. Tomas has continued work on the TML IDE []. Most of his time has been spent on tml…

We’re happy to announce that last week, Agoras Token (AGRS) has been relisted on Bittrex Global. You now can use the exchange to trade AGRS for both BTC and USDT.

As part of the relisting, we’ve held an AMA via the Telegram channel of Bittrex Global to introduce our project in more detail to their community. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to participate in the AMA — We hereby provide you with a complete overview of the event:

What is Tauchain & AGRS?

Tauchain, still under development, is an intelligent, self-amending social network. It’s the first software that is truly controlled by its users…

Dear Tau Community

It’s a great pleasure for us to present to you the Tau Supporter Program. With the launch of the program, we finally have a way to directly reward your dedication and proactive support for our project. The program has been inspired by the Radvocate program of the Radix project, which showed great results.

The Tau Supporter Program

We have 800,000 AGRS (approximately $400,000 at current price leves) in total to give away, whereby up to 200,000 AGRS of the total will be available to win every three months. …


Understanding Each Other

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