Agoras (AGRS) is now listed on BitGlobal

Just last week we’ve announced the listing of AGRS on ProBit but it doesn’t end there. This week, we’re happy to announce the listing of AGRS on another equally important exchange: BitGlobal.

BitGlobal (formerly Bithumb) has been founded in 2014 and currently is South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, having 8 million registered users, 1M mobile app users and a current cumulative transaction volume exceeding 1 trillion US dollars.

Therefore, being listed on BitGlobal is another crucial step for us towards facilitating worldwide access to trading AGRS.

In particular, you can trade AGRS for USDT via BitGlobal:

Trading Competition: 34,000 AGRS Prize Pool

About Tau & Agoras

AGRS Tokenomics

Essentially, since 2015 we’ve been creating Tau, an intelligent social network allowing users to communicate in machine-comprehensible languages. As such, AGRS will be the medium of exchange for a multitude of services running over Tau, such as:

  • Derivatives market
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Computational resources market

Furthermore, the economy of AGRS will be fully user-controlled — meaning Tau & AGRS may change according to users consensus.

The world’s leading scientists in AI, logic and knowledge representation (Prof. Benzmüller and Prof. Franconi) have joined us to deliver on our endeavour of advancing humanity by scaling collaboration using logical AI.

To find out more about Tau and Agoras, join the community via our Telegram or Discord channel and check out our monthly update videos on our YouTube channel:

Tau & Agoras Business Update and Q&A (July 2021)
Tau & Agoras Development Update (July 2021)

Stay tuned for more exciting news around Tau and AGRS in the near future!

Sincerely yours
The IDNI Team

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