Tau ($AGRS) Business Update and Q&A | February 2022 (Ep. 43)

Business Team Update

  • Completed the huge task of finalizing content for the next iteration of the Tau.net webpage. The current site that is currently online briefly introduces the project. The next iteration for the site will introduce many aspects of Tau such as discussion scaling, Logical AI, Worldviews, intelligent contracts, and many more.
  • Luis has joined the team. Alongside his research work, he will assist us with parts of the website that require his technical writing abilities.
  • All content has been passed onto the design team. I look forward to showing you the new website once it’s live.
  • We’re working with a great influencer Youtuber Smitha Kolan with whom we’ve worked before. She will be doing a series of videos on Tau to explain it to her wide audience.
  • We need to get things moving faster with PR. There have been hiccups with communication with editors of the websites we are looking to publish in. However, we have solutions in place and will ensure that the content that goes out about Tau does it justice.
  • Onboarded Luis M. Augusto. An expert in AI and formal languages as the Founder and Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Knowledge Structures & Systems.
  • Onboarded Jamie as a social media manager and creative producer. We’ve been working on Twitter content and the upcoming Smitha Tau video series with Karolina.
  • Have been doing outreach to design agencies for the website to be revamped.
  • Been working on pitch deck refinements with Fola based on the content we’ve developed for the website.
  • Reached out to Logic-based Youtubers but no positive replies so far. Please let us know if you know any Youtuber you feel would be a good fit.
  • Community member of the month is Andrew for his Youtube video showing how little code is needed for TML to perform Transitive Closure.
  • Working with Alex on contracts for our new team members.
  • Working on our potential blockchain developer.




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