Tau ($AGRS) Business Update and Q&A | January 2022 (Ep. 41)


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Business Team Update


  • Done a lot of work on the content and design for the Agoras section of the website. The next iteration of the tau.net website will be a summary of the full website that we’ve also started working on. Regarding the Agoras section, it is almost done.
  • Created a PR trigger list that will serve as a tool for planning articles about noteworthy product and project updates.
  • Have been collaborating with our designer Steve, who has helped us create the logos for Tau and Agoras. We’ve been working on the visual language for Tau, visualizing concepts. I should be receiving updated Tau illustrations from Steve next week.


  • Finalizing onboarding of the Youtuber Smitha. We’re working on exciting Tau content by her around Tau for our Youtube channel.
  • Aggregating more Youtube influencers, concentrating on logic rather than just machine learning or artificial intelligence. Our goal is to have various professionals from different fields creating Tau content for our Youtube channel.
  • Over the next month, we should see the completed revamped website.
  • Following up with scientific researchers and writers. We are looking for a replacement for the previous writer who has left the team
  • Refining pitch deck. Pitched to one long-term community member and a potential investor. Presentation is being worked on by a designer, doing further visual improvements.
  • We’ve been onboarding Jamie to help us with content managing. He’ll be helping to make video content educating the community about TML.
  • Community member of the month is Andrew, for his help and coverage of TML.


  • Working flat out on the website. We will be redirecting IDNI.or to Tau.net.
  • Working on concepts, we are visualizing Tau with the help of our team designer Steve.
  • Hiring people to the team. We’ve added another web designer, an SEO specialist, and a front-end developer so that we can deliver the upcoming websites as quickly as possible.
  • Working on management and administrative tasks.
  • Merch store on the website is in the works.


Q: What are the features of our blockchain/Mainnet? Will it be Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible? What about transactions per second/-SNARK (privacy features)?

Karim: The main feature of Tau is that it’s user-controlled. Beyond that, We’re not currently thinking about EVM compatibility. We have been discussing zk-SNARKs this month, and our Proof of Execution will have similar features. We’re not necessarily using it for privacy features, but we are looking at increasing not just TPS but throughput for smart contracts in general on the blockchain. If users want EVM compatibility, we can look at this.

Q: Does a teacher or student need Agoras to start using a video chat classroom under Agoras Live?

Andrei: Yes, the initial design of Agoras Live uses Agoras, so users will need to use Agoras token for sure.

Q: Can teachers upload videos lectures in Agoras Live?

Andrei: Currently, a teacher can record a current session. It will be available for download. We may consider implementing a feature enabling teachers to upload videos in the future.

Q: Throughout the years of Tau being developed, lots of projects have come up and acquired footing next to Ethereum. What are your thoughts on the structure & working of Fantom, Matic, Avax, Polygon, Cosmo, Cardano?

Fola: We know that these projects are trying to set up a decentralized governance model. What we are doing is far more in-depth and more robust in solving governance problems in the crypto and the software development space. I believe our footing will be alongside Ethereum, if not greater.

Q: Do you expect these protocols to eventually bridge/have a cross-chain working towards our blockchain to integrate our offering, and what would this mean for the Agoras itself?

Karim: These other blockchains are mostly about scaling their TPS, so they each have their consensus mechanism to get away from Proof of Work. Agoras and the Tau blockchain are more ambitious. We’re addressing more fundamental features and requirements for blockchains or any other software project in terms of governance or user involvement in the project. Many issues arise when doing this for DAOs and blockchains. Once Agoras over Tau can achieve our user governance model, we expect them to adopt it. One way of doing it would be to bridge from their chain to our chain. This would be good for Agorasas we would achieve automated transactions back and forth.

Q: Do you have any plans for single-sided staking of Agoras in the short term?

Fola: Right now we do not.

Q: I remember hearing that initial purchasers of the token can hold them in their Omni wallet and are to be awarded for it once the Mainnet goes live, but what about those who bought through exchanges and also held for years?

Fola: If you bought from an exchange and haven’t moved your Agoras since August 2017, you will also be eligible for the bonus. The bonus will be given on the launch of the final Tau product.

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