Business Update

First of all, I’ve been presenting our pitch to various external parties including community members and got some really valuable feedback from that. Feedback was that the current way of how we have the pitch is too holistic and tries to explain all parts of the project. Which can be nice as well but also might be challenging. It could be too much information that we’re trying to convey through that. So, a suggestion I got from a person, from a community member I pitched to was to focus more on the blockchain part of the story. Just even the facts that we have automated hard forks, proof of execution. Where only one node in the network needs to verify a contract running and all the other nodes can trust the code. Whereas for example over Ethereum each node needs to verify each contract running. Therefore, reducing the bandwidth of the blockchain by quite a lot and with Tauchain we wouldn’t have that issue.

So, just even explaining these aspects of Tauchain in more depth could really already be enough to attract crypto investors to the project. So, what I’ve also started working on is doing pitch deck refinements based on this feedback in order to have an alternative pitch deck that is less holistic and more focused on the blockchain story of Tau. I’ve also been participating in the branding calls with the team and the designer. We managed to get the final version of the logo for Tau done. I’ve also done some Youtuber outreach. We got one interview scheduled with a really good Youtuber focused on machine learning. Having a Youtuber that really knows machine learning well would really be a good fit for us.

I’ve been doing outreach also to Coinmarketcap and coin gecko to update the token name to Agoras instead of Agoras Token and to add the new markets where we’ve just been listed on. I’ve also created the medium post of the exchange listing and been preparing the outreach materials for the marketing campaign that we want to get started soon. Besides that, I’ve also been doing some community support. Miao helped me a lot. He created some channel rules to focus the discussions on Tau through our Telegram. If you check the announcements in the Telegram, you will see what the new rules are.

The community member of the month: This month it was quite a hard decision because there were so many people in the community contributing. But this month we decided to give the award for the community member of the month to When Lambo, When Moon. Nice name by the way. He gets the award for spreading the word around Tau through Twitter as well as for contributing to the project on Telegram by sharing crypto outlets such as Where we can list Agoras for free.

The marketing team has reached a significant and exciting milestone this month. I’m of course talking about the new logo for Tau. I’ll just say that the logo that we were looking for had to be bold, it had to be exciting. And most importantly it had to be able to represent the unique product that Tau is going to be and I think that it does all that and maybe even more:

The new Tau logo

Next week I will be briefing the designer in order to do a bit of a facelift for the Agoras logo as well. So, it’s in line with the new logo for Tau. You will soon be able to see the new branding on our website. So, we’re also starting to work on that, where our goal is to use the new branding wisely and widely.

Aside from finalizing branding for Tau, the PR and influencer outreach tasks are also moving along steadily. We’ve sold on a PR package that should be able to bring us the most views. We are already getting some replies from interested influencers, so that’s my update for this month.

From my side, unfortunately a lot of this month I was actually ill with Covid. But I have been working with Karolina and Kilian on the marketing side of things and working on buying inventory for our marketing efforts and working on the logo. We do have another exchange as I promised to you guys coming up. I’m just waiting for them to send out the contracts so we’ve done all the leg work required. We needed to get an Asia, Singapore legal opinion which is now sorted out. This allows us to then list on the exchanges that we want to get onto; the bigger ones in the future.

That’s a big milestone for us on an exchange front. I just want to also add about Steve. He fantastic designer, a huge history behind him. If you guys want to check him out, his website is and you can check out all of his great work that he’s done in the past. He’s really, really good and obviously that’s one of the reasons we brought him on.

Hi, I’m Steve and I’ve had the honor of working with some of you on the design for the new Tau logo. I’m excited to say that we have recently finalized the design. And I would like to take this opportunity to talk you through some of the journey and the thinking behind it.

Tau is a powerful new social network. One that has many potential uses. After some initial exploration of ideas, it became clear to us our first challenge was to go back to the drawing board and clearly define the ambition of Tau, in a way that was easily understood and felt relatable to an audience. Ultimately, behind every technology is a very human story and Tau is no exception.

As we search for a concept that embodies this thinking, we came to the understanding that Tau is built on the discussions and opinions of its users. The foundation of our logo is built from the opinions expressed on the platform. In our logo, these are depicted as blue and purple dialogues. The upper section shows the power of Tau, the understanding. The dialog is now joined with a gradient between the two colors representing the consensus along with understanding and being understood across the platform. The discussion forms Tau and Tau powers of discussion. Forming a simple yet unique logo that feels solid, trustworthy and established. It feels dynamic, embodying the power of the platform while still remaining approachable and easy to understand.

It’s been a pleasure to work with you on such an exciting and groundbreaking project. And it’s my hope that you enjoy using the design and it serves Tau’s ambitious future well.

We’re working on the Agoras logo right now and the new website. We’re looking forward to really pushing all this hard work we’ve been doing out into the public.


Q: What is the status of the project in terms of program synthesis?

Ohad: Well, there are several aspects to program synthesis or something equivalent to program synthesis. One of them is the progress that one made in implementing second order logic. And another one is the work that I’m doing right now in implementing the language which I spoke about last time.

Q: Does Agoras Live take from teachers a percent on every earning like other existing platforms such as Udemy? If so, how much?

Andrei: Of course not, it’s a cryptocurrency-based project and we don’t take any piece. The only thing that is possible is if you use a video conferencing platform. For example, if you host a large meeting most likely later you will have to pay for the computational resources. And maybe later you will be able to share your computational resources, for example to host somebody else’s video conferencing.

Q: Does it have a 40-minute limit if you don’t purchase a premium like Zoom?

Andre: We haven’t discussed such plans. I’m pretty certain it will not.

Q: What is the limit or number of students who can join the meeting at the same time?

Andre: Up to 100 students in one session at once, but it needs to be tested of course. But that is a possibility.

Q: I wonder if a DAO can be built on Agoras?

Ohad: Agoras is not ready, but sure Tau is all about being the ultimate solution for creating DAOs.

Q: One value proposition of Tauchain is the ability to implement new features like tokenomics by simply defining them with Tau. However, many of these features don’t depend on Tau. So, could you consider launching Tauchain as a conventional blockchain, with good tokenomics which don’t depend on Tau and then gradually change to Tau? That would get us started sooner and help us maintain and grow the community and ecosystem parallel to the development of Tauchain.

Karim: Yes, so we do plan on launching the Tau blockchain as soon as possible. And initially the main feature will be the proof of execution functionality for our smart contracts as a main differentiator of the blockchain. Slowly but surely it will include all the features of the Tau platform eventually. So yes, we’re not going to wait until then to launch the main net.



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