Tauchain Development Update (March 2021)


Murisi has been working on his optimisations for TML. One of them is called BBD caching. He’s been experimenting with cache hit ratio. So far the results are not as good as we hoped, there are things to learn there and you don’t always get what you want from optimisations but we are working on it and hopefully the BDD algorithm will one day become a core part of our technology. We have confidence it will be a very good optimisation. Tomas has continued work on the TML IDE [https://tml.idni.org]. Most of his time has been spent on tml built-ins bugs and optimisations. Juan has been working on the bridge between Binance and the Eth blockchains. That bridge is necessary because what we’d like to do is give our users an option not to pay very high gas fees on the Eth blockchain. We’d like to set up a parallel chain with Binance system allowing users to pay much lower transaction fees whilst transferring Agoras tokens. He has also continued work on the Second Order Logic that he was the original developer of at the beginning. Him and Luca are basically working on a new algorithm that Ohad has given them, working in parallel, each with his own implementation. He’s also gone back to working on the arithmetic feature he implemented before re-implementing some new optimisations for that. On the Agoras Live side of things there has been some very good progress. Andrei has managed to integrate a cryptocurrency wallet into the Agoras live application so is able to process payments, buy and sell agoras and also a fiat on and off ramp. You’ll be able to use your credit card to buy Agoras and others eventually using fiat so that’s a major development. Mo’az has been working on a complete redesign of Agoras Live. What we are internally calling Agoras Live 2.0 and to that end we are onboarding two new developers. One developer for the web client side to join Andrei with development of Agoras Live. The other, a blockchain developer, for mainly our mainnet but also some cool new features of TML that we’ll tell you about next month.


Q: Will Tau eventually be able to use natural language processing to turn unstructured data (Speech) into structured data (Speech) so that we can grow the knowledge base quicker?

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